We like to support NZ and Australian made products, and have to admit the Aussies do OK as well.

Because of the business we are in, we can offer other accessories that are camping or towing (but not necessarily camping trailer) related.

Below is a selection of these cool things.  Let us know if you want to add one to your camper package.  If we can't get them directly for you (whether or not you're buying a camper trailer from us), then we can put you onto the agent that can.
Diesel Upgrade Chips by ECU Chips
Inverter Generators from HONDA
Wingman Kayaks by Switchsports.
Drifta Ute Back Drawers
We, like most campers, love a bit of fishing from the beach.  The other day I stumbled on the "Shore Thing", so wanted to spread the word.  Check out these to protect your kontiki from being lost to shark bites, and delivers the bait to the fishing spot without dragging it over underwater weed, snags and bars.  Heres a link to their website, and youtube, give Morgan a call, he'll look after you.